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"Thank you Shawn and Meryem. I really appreciate your help - thanks again."
Norfolk Constabulary
"Hi Julie, the service was fantastic at such short notice! Thank you very much."
Delta Legal Solicitors
"We were very pleased with the efforts made by Shawn Khorassani to find us an interpreter at the exceptionally short notice we gave him. He was very pleasant to deal with and kept us up to date with the progress he was making."
Magistrate Court
"Thanks very much for your quick response - we are all very pleased with the service you have provided and the way they have turned out - they look great. Thanks again for your work on the project"
Loughborough Immigration Appellate Authority

Supporting Police Forces
Throughout the UK

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Working With the Police

Prestige works closely with Police Forces throughout the UK. We understand and address their future interpreting requirements tailoring our services to their exact needs, whilst ensuring our language specialists receive job-specific briefs.

Police Forces select Prestige Network on the strength of its combined linguistic and technical expertise. Prestige's strong background in both of these elements has led them to becoming the market leader with a reputation for dependability and quality.

Meeting the Language Needs of the UK's Police Forces

The demand for language services, such as translation and interpreting, is increasing year on year, especially in the Public Sector. An area that has experienced one of the sharpest increases is the Police Force, approximately a 64% increase in demand for language services since 2003/04.

Read the full article - how Prestige is meeting the language needs of the UK's Police Forces

Police Translation Services

In addition Prestige, with access to over 4000 linguists in more than 200 languages in all the nine regions, has developed a strong focus on the Public Sector and its specific needs within the language industry. In contrast to other language and translation services companies, Prestige has taken on board the greater challenge of catering for community languages, addressing both the resources and technical issues associated with them, developing a truly unique and superior service.

Our Clients

Some Of Our Clients Include:

  • 100+ courts
  • 250+ solicitors
  • 15+ Police Forces
  • 500+ public sector clients

Our Language Specialists

All our language specialists are CRB verified and adhere to a strict code of conduct. Many are also listed on the National Register and are DPSI qualified. We use only native speakers who are professionals and can completely understand your target audiences and important cultural and linguistic nuances.

Our language professionals - both interpreters and translators - are experienced and adhere to strict codes of conduct throughout every assignment. We insist that our legal language specialists have additional expertise in order to understand the requirements, terminology and regulations of the legal system and procedures involved in court rooms and governmental institutions. We offer a legal document translating service, professional and qualified interpreters for trials, questioning and fraud investigation. We also offer legal website and web page translation as well as interpreting from any language to another.

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Why Prestige?

As the UK’s leading language services specialist, Prestige Network provides a friendly, efficient and reliable service. Our legal interpreters and translators are all experts in their field, and with 5000 interpreters based across the UK we provide full national coverage. Our interpreters are all CRB checked and any confidentiality requirements of our work are strictly met.

Related Services

Prestige Network provides a wide range of services from simultaneous interpreting (simultaneous translation) to British Sign Language with access to more than 300 languages - nationwide!

Call now on 01635 866 888 for a professional and friendly legal language service.

A selection of areas where prestige can provide professional language services:

Salisbury Darlington Basingstoke Wandsworth Middlesbrough Hertford Watford Hereford Ealing Westminster Yeovil Workington Banbury UK Nottinghamshire Newark Nottingham Brighton Coventry Norfolk Wolverhampton Newquay Chelmsford Berkshire Grimsby Lincoln Taunton Sussex Wycombe Thames Valley SDoncaster Worcester Suffolk Leeds Sheffield Middlesex Weymouth Cheshire Stockport Chester Sheffield Canterbury Lancashire Newbury Staffordshire Milton Keynes Buckingham Swindon Durham Hartlepool Derby Bedfordshire Eastbourne Rugby Solihull Great Britain Bedford Buckinghamshire Lancaster Hemel Hempstead Sudbury Ipswich Stafford Harrogate Poole UK Thatcham Wokingham Thames Valley Windsor Peterborough Carlisle Northumberland Irvine Kilmarnock Biggleswade Leighton Buzzard Sandy Northamptonshire Milford Bicester Harlech Surrey Kendal Slough Portsmouth Plymouth Leicestershire Leicester Falmouth Luton Warwick Manchester Bolton Liverpool Folkestone Doncaster Maidstone Northampton Newcastle Oxfordshire Gloucester Southport Derbyshire Wakefield Hull Bristol Huntingdonshire Devon Exeter Camborne Bracknell Colchester Lincolnshire Scunthorpe Somerset Wiltshire Thorne Worcestershire Kidderminster Dudley Holywell Doncaster Kirkby Northamptonshire Norwich Bournemouth Herefordshire West Ham Gloucestershire Hertfordshire Cambridgeshire Cambridge Cornwall Yorkshire Shropshire Shrewsbury Bath Sunderland Reading York Yorkshire Dover Kent Preston Warrington Tiverton Glastonbury Oxford Chesterfield Warwickshire Birmingham Essex Lonsdale Lochranza Driffield Dunstable West Mowbray Loughborough Westmorland Yaxley Wandsworth Wimbledon Guildford Kinross Tongue Kilsyth UK Midlothian Luton Edinburghshire Stornaway Dereham Barrow in Furness Norwich Rutland Penzance March Cottesmore Whittlesey Melrose Roxburgh Hawick Brechin Norfolk Scunthorpe Lincoln Hemel Hempstead Hatfield Stockton on Tees Melton Rotherham WALES tevenage BurySCOTLAND Essex Coldstream Millport Perthshire Stamford Nottinghamshire Tiverton Durham Maidenhead Croydon Wimbledon Guildford Wells Woking London Harrow Peterborough Derby New Quay Ayrshire Wakefield Bradford Dorchester Halifax Rotherham Worcestershire Cheltenham Hampshire Newport Southampton Torquay Winchester Barnstaple Dorset Southend Warminster