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"Thanks very much for your quick response - we are all very pleased with the service you have provided and the way they have turned out - they look great. Thanks again for your work on the project"
Loughborough Immigration Appellate Authority
"Hi Julie, the service was fantastic at such short notice! Thank you very much. I have received your promo. Pack and I will brief my firm to instruct you should the need arise in future."
Delta Legal Solicitors
"Thanks very much Salome to you and your team - excellent service!"
GSL Global
"Hello, I looked very closely at all the providers who were on the Frame work Agreement which was recently awarded by Department for Work and Pensions. It quickly became apparent that Prestige was the only supplier who could provide coverage for the whole of our geographical area. I was impressed, not only by their friendly and knowledgeable representatives, but also by their proposal. They demonstrated that they had proven experience in delivering the service that we need."
Appeals Service
"We were very pleased with the efforts made by Shawn Khorassani to find us an interpreter at the exceptionally short notice we gave him. He was very pleasant to deal with and kept us up to date with the progress he was making."
Magistrate Court
"Thank you Shawn and Meryem. I really appreciate your help - thanks again."
Norfolk Constabulary

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Prestige Network - addressing all your legal language needs

Prestige Network has been providing Legal Translation and Legal Interpreting Services for leading law firms, judicial systems including law courts, UK and global companies, and government agencies for over 25 years. Call now on 01635 292 784 for a professional and friendly legal language service - nationwide!

Language Services Guidelines

We have produce a set of language services guidelines for the legal sector that provides guidance on selecting a language services provider, what you can do to ensure the best results and the service that you should expect from your language services provider.


Solicitors Prestige works with many Solicitors around the UK providing interpreters for court interviews and high quality, professional legal translations. Our language experts are selected according to your field of activity and the areas that you wish to reach. They include professionals such as state-authorized legal translators, business graduates, former solicitors and attorneys and therefore ensure complete accuracy and high quality in each and every legal assignment.


Courts Whether your documents are destined for a UK court of law, an international arbitration tribunal or a foreign ministry of justice - Prestige has first-hand knowledge of court work including court translation and court interpreting. We eliminate the risk of errors by ensuring that our legal interpreters and legal translators are competent in at least three different areas: comparative law, specific terminology, legal writing style.


Police Prestige Network is working closely with the Police force throughout the UK, with access to over 5000 linguists in more than 400 languages, including Polish and Sign Language (BSL), in all the nine regions. All our language specialists are CRB verified and adhere to a strict code of conduct. Many are also listed on the National Register and are DPSI qualified. We use only native speakers who are professionals and can completely understand your target audiences and important cultural and linguistic nuances.

Corporate Law

Corporate Law We have helped numerous companies and corporations to establish businesses overseas by offering faultless translations of elements such as by-laws, inter-shareholder agreements, powers of attorney, general meetings, certificates of incorporation, etc. We also help our corporate clients with their everyday translation needs like translation of statements and reports, contracts and shareholder agreements, amongst others.


Government Prestige Network has language specialists that understand the intricacies of legal work (legal translation and legal interpreting) involved with government, whether with employment documents or with immigration related issues. As the leading language provider to Public Sector as well as Commercial, Prestige has extensive experience in handling translation and interpreting and other language related projects for the Government, nationwide.

Specific Legal Language Skills

We appreciate that law is demanding and riddled with expressions and terminology that require more than a skilled legal interpreter or legal translator. For example, the demands and rigors of courtroom interpreting are particularly complex - few bilingual speakers can accurately and comprehensively interpret legal language flowing at 150 or more words a minute.

At Prestige, our professional Legal Interpreters and Legal Translators have extensive industry experience; native fluency in the target language and dialect; linguistics or translation degree from a major university or language school; and extensive experience translating legal documents and materials including:

- Case Files
- Depositions
- Summons and Complaints
- Evidentiary and Financial Documents
- Judicial Proceedings
- Contracts
- Leases
- Certification Services

Legal Language Services

From court documents to legal contracts, Prestige Network offers a wide range of language services in more than 200 languages including Polish, German and Sign Language (BSL). We offer a legal document translating service, professional and qualified interpreters for trials, questioning and fraud investigation. Our language professionals - both Legal Interpreters and Legal Translators - are experienced and adhere to a strict code of conduct throughout every assignment.

We have additional expertise in order to understand the requirements, terminology and regulations of the legal system and procedures involved in court rooms and governmental institutions. We also offer legal website and web page translation as well as interpreting from any language to another, ranging from Polish to British Sign Language for Solicitors, Courts, Police, General Disputes, Fraud Investigation, many Government Organisations and Insurance Companies to name just a few.

Our Professional Services

Our service is reliable, friendly and efficient. Contact Prestige now to assist you with whatever your project maybe: court transcripts, patent translations, summons and complaints, employment contract translations, foreign statutes, international evidence scribing, fraud investigation, asylum and immigration issues, international servicing of process, international document translation, foreign research, evidentiary and financial document translation, and much more.

Prestige Network in action!

  • Prestige is already working closely with Police Forces throughout the UK. We understand and address their future interpreting requirements tailoring our services to their exact needs, whilst ensuring our language specialists receive job-specific briefs.
  • Prestige provides language services to Fraud Investigation Teams in many branches of Job Centre Plus (JCP).
  • Prestige works with many Solicitors around the UK providing interpreters for interviews and court and high quality, professional translations.
  • Prestige also works closely with Courts providing experienced interpreters.
  • Prestige helps with Immigration work supporting Immigration organisations with their interpreting and translation needs.
  • Prestige provides a host of specialized legal language services for corporate law.
  • Prestige offers a legal certification of translated documents such as Marriage certificates, Divorce papers, Birth Certificates, Educational Qualifications, Property Documents and many other important documents.

Related Services

Prestige Network provides a wide range of services from simultaneous interpreting (simultaneous translation) to web localization with access to more than 400 languages - nationwide!

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