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The need for global technology companies to stay competitive has resulted in an increasingly common trend of offshore outsourcing, as well as an expansion into new foreign markets. More and more companies have operations in more than one country and the end product might be the combined efforts of several locations as culturally and linguistically diverse as China and Latin America. Prestige Network’s professional translation services helps companies to customize product and training modules as well as corporate intranet sites to make communication across different audiences more effective.

Whether it is aircraft, construction, agriculture or any other specialist field, terminology and accuracy is of utmost importance when translating technical documents and that’s why Prestige uses specialist translators with a sound technical understanding and a proven expertise in their field.

One stop solution

We provide a total solution for working in culturally and linguistically diverse teams and have an array of services designed to make companies work more efficiently and economically. Some of our key translation services in technology sector include:
Software localization
Data sheets
User manuals

Website localization
Installation and user guides

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Prestige Network offers a whole range of services from simultaneous interpretation to web localization with access to more than 200 languages and dialects.

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