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Colleges, universities and education authorities are increasingly using translation to give access to education to an increasingly diverse audience. Professional translation ensures the accuracy of text and details and subtle aspects are not compromised.

Prestige Network uses translators with extensive experience in education related translation and with native fluency in both the source and the translation language.

E-learning and in-house training

Many multinational companies have introduced multilingual e-learning and training modules make it more effective and customized to their employees and clients in different countries. Prestige Network caters to the needs of these international companies by providing professional translation services in more than 200 languages such as Kurdish, Polish, Finnish, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, German and French.

A Partial list of the education related translation services includes:

  • Instructions and manuals
  • Scholarly and professional societies
  • Scientific conferences
  • Report writing
  • Scientific literature
  • The scientific paper
  • Writing abstracts
  • Training material
  • Text books
  • Public announcements such as safety education in aircrafts
  • E-learning materials

Related Services

Prestige Network offers a whole range of services from simultaneous interpretation to web localization with access to more than 200 languages and dialects. 

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