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Market Sectors

Catering for all language and communications needs

Prestige Network provides an extensive service to the commercial sector. For more information, choose from this list:

Legal Sector

At Prestige Network, we appreciate that law is demanding and riddled with expressions and terminology that even the most avid student would not be able to pick up without spending years working in the legal profession.

Financial Sector

With globalization and an increasingly connected world, more and more companies need their financial information in a variety of languages.


Medical Sector

Pharmaceutical and medical translation requires complete attention to detail, industry and subject matter expertise, as well as compliance with privacy laws and regulatory guidelines.

Marketing & Advertising Sector

In a global economy, your message can be effective only if you communicate it in the right language and style.



Prestige works with over 250 Solicitors around the UK providing interpreters for court interviews and high quality, professional legal translations.

Publishing & Media Sector

Prestige Network works with a wide range of communication media, including manuals, brochures, websites, computer-based training, and multimedia titles.


Technology Sector

In any specialist field, terminology and accuracy is of utmost importance and that's why Prestige uses specialist translators with a sound technical understanding and a proven expertise in their field.

Education Sector

Prestige Network uses translators with extensive experience in education related translation and with native fluency in both the source and the translation language.


Travel Sector

More and more people are travelling to exotic locations and tourism and leisure travelling  is burgeoning on a global scale.


Police Forces select Prestige Network on the strength of its combined linguistic and technical expertise. Prestige works closely with Police Forces throughout the UK.
A 24/7 emergency service is provided right across the UK.


Public Sector

At Prestige we cater for all language and communications needs in the Public Sector including central and local government departments, local councils, health and the NHS, charities, the police and other public organisations.