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Multilingual Publishing

Making it easier for YOU!

Multilingual Publishing offers a fresh approach to your translation projects. It is a hassle free service that can off-load your entire project to us.

You save money, time and frustration.

Now you can have everything done in one easy step - translating, formatting and printing.

It could not be easier - you simply order and we deliver.

Multilingual publishing represents a significant component of most translation projects, and increasingly, represents the delivery channel or interface with the end user. The multilingual publishing group plays an integral role within a project, following a formal work and communication process that synchronizes with the company.

At Prestige Network, our team works with a wide range of communication media, including manuals, online documentation, brochures, websites, computer-based training, and multimedia titles. They are masters of all common publishing applications from Adobe, Interleaf, Macromedia, Microsoft, and Quark.

Prestige Network ensures that all work is completed to the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

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