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Diversity Training

Making it easier for YOU!

The role of culture in international business is increasingly seen as significant and has major impact on marketing, sales, production, mergers and acquisitions and general financial performance. In an international business environment, there is ample scope for misunderstanding and miscommunication arising out of cultural aspects. Intercultural and Diversity Training is increasingly seen as a critical to the success of businesses on a global level.

Prestige Network recognizes the needs of our intercultural, international clients and in our constant endeavour to provide a one stop solution for our clients; we offer a range of Intercultural and Diversity Training programmes.

Our Cross Cultural Awareness Programmes

Prestige Network’s cross cultural awareness programmes have been designed to assist individuals, teams and organisations to work more effectively across borders and cultures. Our cross cultural awareness programmes are designed not only as an introduction to cultural and diversity awareness, but also as a practical guide to communicating effectively across cultures, helping you to establish the foundation, framework and tools to become culturally competent and sensitive to other cultures. Diversity Training is the key to a more successful future!

Designed in close collaboration with you and your organisation, our cultural and diversity training will raise your understanding and awareness of how culture impacts on your organisation and personnel.

Some of the Diversity Training programmes include:

Living & Working in Programmes

We have country specific cultural training programmes where you are introduced to the cultural implications of working in a specific country. You can choose Living & Working in Programmes for as many as 22 countries including India, Japan, UK, Poland, Turkey and Spain.

We conduct customized Expat Relocation trainings and Family Support Programmes for our clients on a regular basis.

Who will benefit

Diversity Training is aimed at professionals who:

  • Work as part of or manage a cross cultural team
  • Are embarking on Expatriate assignments
  • Interact regularly with international clients, suppliers or business partners
  • Build an in-depth understanding of the underlying attitudes, values and behaviours of different cultures
  • Enhance cross cultural sensitivity when working in an international environment
  • Manage cross cultural conflict with greater success
  • Improve diversity training skills
  • Manage diversity to your advantage
  • Develop an appreciation for different cultures and diversity

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Prestige Network offers a whole range of services from diversity training to web localization with access to more than 200 languages including Polish, Arabic, German, Sign Language (BSL) to name just a few.

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