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Legal Certification

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Call Me Back!

Certification and authentication of translated documents

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Professional Translation Service

Prestige Network offers a professional translation service for small but important documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates and property documents. Our translators are professional and experienced and take great care to ensure that their translations are accurate and convey the meaning of the original document(s). Our language specialists have experience and expertise in specific areas such as Legal and Property as well as Health, Government and Education.

Legal Certification

The legal certification of translations is carried out by legal representatives whose credentials have been thoroughly checked to the high standards of Prestige. This ensures that your translated documents are certified as accurate for acceptance by the relevant law courts and government authorities.

Our service is reliable and efficient and also courteous and friendly. Contact Prestige Network today so that we may assist you.

Authentication of Translations

Prestige Network only uses professional translators who are experienced and qualified. Translated documents are sent with an accompanying letter of authenticity confirming that the translations are accurate.


  • How do I get my document(s) translated?

First, send a copy (not the original) of the document to Prestige. We will then send you a quotation in writing. Once you confirm your acceptance of our quotation, we will proceed with the translation and return it to you electronically - usually by email.

  • How long will the translation take?

Small documents can be completed within five working days. However, if it is urgent, we can make special arrangements for you. Please call us today on: 01635 866 8888.

Privacy Policy

Prestige Network ensures that all documents authenticated and/or certified by us remain strictly confidential.