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Prestige is the preferred language provider with many large and small companies as well as with individuals who need to communicate on a regular or ad hoc basis withPolish speaking people. Trust Prestige to interpret your communications accurately and affordably. Prestige Network offers a wide range of services from translation to web-site localization in Polish language.

Polish Interpreting Solutions

We offer a wide range of Polish Interpreting solutions to suit every conceivable situation where communication with the Polish community is required. Face-to-face interpreting, telephone interpreting, conference interpreting and simultaneous interpreting is offered for business, financial, legal, social, property, technical, health or academic matters. Prestige can quickly provide – right across the UK and in many overseas locations – a professional and experienced Polish Interpreter and often within 1 day.

Polish Translation

Prestige Network provides professional Translation Services from Polish to more than 200 other languages and vice-versa.

Cross-cultural Consultancy

We realize at Prestige Network that marketing and communication relates to not only languages but also values, beliefs and attitudes that differ from culture to culture. We provide our clients with specialized consultancy on Polish culture. We make sure that the context of the message is adapted to appeal to the culture of the target audience.

Our Polish Translators - Making your Communication Effective

We make sure that a Polish Translator from Prestige Network applies his/her expertise and local knowledge to translate your message in a way that will be understood right and interpreted right! Due to the language variation and cultural differences between countries, translations need to be adapted for the target language, sentence structure, tone, and including cultural backgrounds. With all this, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality Polish Translators and can outperform by far other translation companies when it comes to translating your documents.

Prestige has mastered the art of translation and professional formatting. By coming to us you receive the best quality, perfectly formatted translation. A Polish Translator / Polski Translator who works for Prestige Network understands the nature of communities, work of the government, local authorities, health sector, charities, police, etc. Prestige Network works with only the best linguist and a Polski Translator / Polish Translator working with Prestige Network will always have an expert grasp of the languages he or she translates to and from and is always able to convey accurately the meaning of the text that is translated.

In-house Polish Desk

Prestige is committed to the Polish language and has an in-house dedicated Polish Desk. Qualified and experienced Polish translators are employed to ensure professional services and advice is readily available to our UK and International clients.

Fast and Reliable Service

We are a market leader amongst today's translation companies in the UK Public Sector. All our Polish Translators are highly qualified and experienced native speaking professionals. All work is handled by the most experienced Polish translators for the required project; and all translations are checked and verified by one of our linguists and then double checked by an experienced Project Manager to ensure the highest of quality - every time!

Strict Confidentiality

Prestige Network adheres to a strict privacy policy. Each and every Polish Translator working for Prestige Network confirms to the privacy rules for the documents he or she is translating. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Complete Range of Polish Language Services

Prestige Network offers so much more than just translation, we perform problem-solving and brainstorming techniques unique to our industry, in order to provide you with complete language solutions and ultimately a unique feeling of consumer fulfillment. We enjoy what we do well, and therefore remain interested in your project far beyond completion. Do not be surprised if your Polish translator calls you up to ask how your final court date went. Do not be surprised if one of our specialists contacts you with regard to a specifically tough phrase, claiming to have perfected it months after your website was first posted. Remember, once you contact us, we are as much a part of your project as you are of ours.

We believe that our experiences will be invaluable to your project, cooperation is key to translation and time is money. With a company philosophy that runs deep, you should contact us immediately for a special business experience like no other. Knowing that you require a professional and dependable person to run with your business and possibly even travel overseas with you, we have an advanced and beneficial cooperative member of staff to suit you and your industry sector.

Ultimately, if you want to save money, time, and face use Prestige Network to find a Polish translator or interpreter. You will be impressed with the amount of service you get for your money. For a breakdown of the services and alternatives that we offer, take a few minutes to browse our website.

A complete list of services we offer other than Polish translators:

Translation, face-to-face or direct interpreting, telephone interpretation, multilingual distribution, desk top publishing (DTP), multilingual website translation and localization, BSL, printing, voice recording, Braille, language and cultural consultancy, language training and teaching, localization, simultaneous interpretation, multilingual copywriting, and much more.

For more information on any of our Polish language services or Polish Translators, please contact us at or call 01635 866888.

Dedicated web-site for Polish language services

Prestige Network is committed to serving the needs of businesses and Public Sector relating to polish language. Please visit our web-site and for dedicated Polish language services from face to face interpreting to translation and certification.

The Polish Language

Polish is the official language of Poland and is spoken by most of the 38 million inhabitants of Poland (census 2002). Native speakers of Polish can also be found in Western Belarus, Ukraine and Eastern Lithuania. Because of emigration from Poland in various periods, millions of Polish-speakers can also be found in countries such as Ireland, Australia, Israel, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom, United States, etc. The estimated number of Poles who live beyond the borders of Poland is 10 million; with about 50 million people worldwide naming Polish as their mother tongue.

Like Czech and Slovak, Polish is part of the West-Slavic group of the Indo-European languages. It came from the Proto-Slavic language which was used as the mother tongue of all past Slavic tribes. The Polish language has developed so much throughout history that the texts written in the Middle Ages are difficult to understand for today’s Poles and need to be read with a dictionary of archaisms.

While most Poles speak standard Polish, there are several dialects within the Polish language. These are easily understandable to native Polish speakers as they are based mostly on regional pronunciation and vocabulary changes. Different dialects within Polish include Silesia and Podale (highlander’s dialect). Kashubian is also spoken – this is a separate language used by the Polish living west of Gdansk near the Baltic Sea. It is quite rare, with between 100,000 and 200,000 speakers and is gradually becoming extinct.

Polish can be very difficult for foreigners to learn due to its system of grammatical gender. Polish uses three genders – masculine, feminine and neuter – and is also broken down into animate and inanimate. It shares some Latin grammar and vocabulary and has three genders – masculine, feminine and neuter. Polish also uses the Latin alphabet and excludes the letters ‘q’, ‘v’ and ‘x’ except for in foreign words.

Some Common Polish Words & Phrases

Polska Poland
Polak (m)/ Polka (f) Polish person
polski Polish
Cześć Hi/Hello
Miłego dnia Have a nice day
No exact equivalent
Dzień dobry is used
Good Morning/Afternoon (good day)
Dobry wieczór Good Evening
Do widzenia Good bye (See you later)
Co jest? What's up?
Do zobaczenia/Na razie(informal) See you later
Bardzo dobra robota! Very good job!
Dobranoc Good night
Dobra robota! Good job!
Ale fajna laska! What a pretty lass/girl!
Dziękuję Thank you
Nieźle! Nice (not too bad)
Nie ma mowy! No way!
Bardzo mi miło Pleased to meet you

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Whatever search term you use to bring you to this web page, including "Polski Translater", we hope you find the information on this page useful. If we can be of further service to you please contact us.

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