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Interpreter Expansion Project Manager, Loughborough Immigration Appelate Authority

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Polish Translation

Polish Translation Services

Our in-house Polish Desk is waiting to assist you with your Polish Translation requirements. All Polish Translators (Polski Translator) at Prestige are well qualified and experienced native speaking professionals. Prestige leads the way for other translation companies with its focus on public organisations like Health and Government but also in Commercial Business too. All Polish Translation projects are handled by very experienced translators and all translations are checked and verified by a qualified translator and then checked again by an experienced in-house Translation Project Manager to ensure the highest of quality - time after time!

Our Polish Translation Service is unique in that we translate between Polish and over 200 other languages. We also have the facility to provide Polish Translation in printed, electronic, voice recorded or published format. Our skilled Project Management and Publishing Teams take assignments from paper copy or electronic document, translate the documents and then format and publish large or small volumes of printed material making them ready for distribution. Call us now on 01635 866 888!

Experienced Translators

Prestige works only with experienced translators who understand the nature of the work in various Health Authorities, Charities, Local Councils & Authorities, Government Departments, the Law Courts and the Legal System; linguists who understand the nature of local communities and ethnic groups. Our Polish Translators are the most professional linguists with an expert grasp of the languages they translate to and from which gives them the skills and knowledge to accurately convey the meaning of the text of the documents being translated. Prestige has mastered the art of Polish Translation and professional formatting. By coming to Prestige you receive the best quality, professionally lay out and formatted translations - every time!

All of our completed Polish projects have been enthusiastically received by our clients - particular reference is often made to our quick turnaround of projects, our competitive pricing and the quality of our translations. Much of our business comes from repeat order and referrals. For all your language needs, come to Prestige Network for anything from Polish Translation to Polish Audio Recordings and Voiceovers and much more.

Extensive Database

Prestige has a vast database of 4,000 language experts including specialist Polish Translators and experienced face-to-face Interpreters. In is true that translation is more of an art than an exact science, however Prestige will always find the best match of linguistic skills to meet your specific requirements.

Due to the cultural differences and language barriers, translation should always be adapted for the target audience of particular ethnic groups and countries; the right tone and sentence structure and cultural backgrounds are very important considerations. With these things clearly in mind, Prestige prides itself in providing the very best quality translations with a record of almost 100% total customer satisfaction - just ask our clients!

Our Translation Department has developed and fine tuned its range of services to include the development and design, the layout & format, and the translation and localisation of websites - and in real text! Your Polish website can now be made multilingual thus greatly improving your accessibility to non-Polish speakers.

A selection of our range of Polish Translation & Language Services:

  • Polish to English (Polish English) Translation
  • English to Polish (English Polish) Translation
  • Polish Conference Translation
  • Polish Medical Translation
  • Polish Legal Translation
  • Polish Technical Translation
  • Polish Interpreting (telephone & face-to-face)
  • Polish Conference Interpreting
  • Polish Diversity Training
  • Polish Consultancy
  • Polish Language Training
  • Polish Language Teaching

A selection of other available languages include: Lithuanian, Czech, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian, Croatian and many more...

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Prestige Network makes the services of Polish Translation available nationwide - right across the UK. Below is a short list of UK towns where we provide Polish translation services:

Glasgow Chester Stockport Oxfordshire Huntingdon Enfield Sunderland Thatcham Windsor Abingdon East Anglia Bedford Luton Thames Valley Leeds Maidenhead West Midlands Middlesex Dorset Manchester Anglia Bournemouth Portsmouth Basingstoke Norwich Herefordshire North East Rochester Margate Workington Inverness Bracknell Yorkshire Newbury Wokingham Cambridgeshire Lanark Glasgow Reading East Anglia Cornwall Kent Durham Swindon Scotland Shrewsbury Telford s Berkshire Lincolnshire Lincoln Grimsby Middlesbrough Cheshire Newtown Berwickshire Maidstone Canterbury Bromley Plymouth Folkestone Dover Greenwich Nottinghamshire Somerset Lancashire Preston Bolton Warrington Barnstaple Dorchester Aberdeen Pangbourne Newbury Cheshire London England Slough Buckingham High Wycombe Cambridge Sheffield Warwickshire Berkshire Pontypridd Bedfordshire Reading Coatbridge Edinburghshire Hertfordshire Manchester Liverpool King's Lynn Northampton Peterborough Taunton Stafford Gloucestershire Warwick Rugby Oxfordshire Gloucester Bristol Berkshire Cheltenham Stroud Cirencester Guildford Croydon Woking Sutton Kingston-on-Thames Hastings Eastbourne Birkenhead South West Newport ENGLAND Wellingborough Camborne Boston Halifax Harrogate Selkirkshire Dumbarton Southampton Marlborough Warminster Worcestershire Worcester Dudley Hereford Thames Valley Sutherland Colchester Harlow Brentwood Wandsworth Wimbledon Brixton Birmingham Camberley Chesterfield Buckinghamshire Aylesbury Milton Keynes Bury Stockton-on-Tees Doncaster Macclesfield Hartlepool Gateshead York Horsham Malvern Yorkshire UK Solihull Stratford-upon-Avon Bridlington SCOTLAND Hertford Watford Hemel Hempstead Leicester Thatcham Loughborough Hinckley Edinburgh Aberdeenshire Hull Ascot Hornsea Wakefield Wells Lewisham Exeter New Quay Wrexham Leicestershire Cardiff Swansea Bath Weston-super-Mare Yeovil Wells Staffordshire Westminster Wales Norfolk Lancaster Devon Trent Wolverhampton Walsall Northamptonshire Suffolk Windermere Wiltshire Trowbridge Salisbury Swindon Orkney Bangor Sussex Chichester Brighton Worthing Crawley Newton Abbot Tiverton Hatfield WALES Grantham Derby Ilkeston Buxton Washington Essex Chelmsford Basildon Clydebank Tewkesbury Hampshire West Midlands Winchester Southampton Newcastle-upon-Tyne Poole Weymouth Wimborne Nottingham Mansfield Anglia Newark Oxford Ealing Northumberland Derbyshire Central Scunthorpe Potters Bar Hexham Nottinghamshire Truro Newquay Henley-on-Thames Rutland Shropshire Ludlow Somerset Wakefield Carlisle Birmingham Coventry Orkney Portsmouth Stoke-on-Trent Ipswich Rotherham South East Yarmouth Darlington London Harrow Falmouth Newport Durham Wakefield Surrey Bradford