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Interpreter Expansion Project Manager, Loughborough Immigration Appelate Authority

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Polish Language Case Studies

Financial Mail Translation


Service: Polish Language Translation - November 2007
Location: London
Sector: Media


To enable the Financial Mail on Sunday to engage with its Polish readers by translating a special supplement on 'Poles in Britain' into Polish and providing a Polish translation of an online forum

Project Outline

An innovative project which involved translating into Polish - within a matter of days - 6,000 words of a Financial Mail on Sunday report highlighting the financial aspect of the 10,000 Poles a month who are said to be heading for the UK.

The Polish translation of the supplement was made available on the Financial Mail on Sunday’s website at and also appeared subsequently in print in the Polish Express.

Publication of the supplement was followed by an online forum on the subject on the Financial Mail on Sunday website, which was also translated into Polish for the website by Prestige Network.

The project means that the Financial Mail on Sunday has become what is believed to be the first national newspaper in the UK to provide a supplement in Polish.

Prestige says:
"This kind of innovation is a great way of engaging people from other cultures, helping them not to feel disenfranchised. We felt hugely privileged to be approached to enable the Financial Mail on Sunday to be the first national newspaper to produce a supplement in Polish. It was very satisfying to be involved in such an initiative."

The customer says:
"This was a very exciting project. Prestige Network worked well with us and got behind the spirit of the initiative, which was to do something innovative to engage a growing part of the population. We’ve had a lot of very positive feedback on the project and we are already planning to do another one."

Jobcentre Language Services


Service: Polish Language tuition and translation
Location: Hull
Sector: JobCentre


To enable front forum staff to be able to communicate in basic Polish with growing numbers of Polish customers at the JobCentre.

Project Outline

A ground-breaking project which involved providing JobCentre staff with a phrase card containing translations of the most common simple phrases - such as "I know a few words in Polish" and "Are you here to look for work?" into Polish.

The initiative also involved giving tuition in how to pronounce and speak some of the phrases to the five key staff whose job it is to establish what a jobseeker’s situation is.

The project followed a sudden influx of customers from Poland at the JobCentre this year, where hundreds of Polish customers are sometimes seen every week.

Prestige says:
"We were very keen to be able to help the JobCentre staff in this way. Teaching them basic phrases in Polish, applicable to the situation, has helped Polish jobseekers feel more engaged with JobCentre staff at what must be a difficult time for them - searching for work far from home. Cultural and language divisions in communities can be a big problem, so it was very satisfying to be involved in this."

The customer says
"Prestige delivered an excellent service - our staff now feel much more confident in communicating with our Polish customers. This initiative has really improved our customer service. The customer reaction has been amazing - the Polish people are so pleased that somebody can speak the basics of their language.

"We've already shared the phrase card with other JobCentres around the country, so more people are benefiting from Prestige's experience."

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