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Prestige has mastered the art of translation and professional formatting to make your written documents accessible to all your Chinese speaking clients.  With the aid of our extensive resources, both internal as well as external, we can provide linguists who understand the nature of UK communities and the work of the Government, the health sector, local authorities the Police etc, as well as private sector business requirements. With our strong background in language technology and services, we can ensure a high quality translation every time – and in whatever format suits you.


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Our Chinese translator services will ensure that your work is transformed into correct and acceptable Chinese translations. Our Chinese English translation and interpretation services will assist you in ensuring that your documents are always correct and that there are no embarrassing errors! Prestige Network is the language specialist and we provide many language services such as: formatted translation, proofread translation, telephone interpreting, trained guides, cultural training. You can rest assured that your language translations will be safe with Prestige Network and we can also make special arrangements when it comes to your urgent translation booking. Always remember that our team of friendly staff will be more than willing to accommodate you! Our helpful staff are managed by an experienced, professional manager who will be involved in handling any requirements you might have. Web translation is only one of the few options that you may choose from if you use the professional services of Prestige Network.

Simultaneous interpreting, simultaneous translation, bilingual voiceover, bilingual voice recording, multilingual translation, multilingual voice recording, multilingual voiceover, multilingual project management and multilingual desk top publishing are just a few of the choices that you can select when you allow Prestige Network to be your chosen one stop language services specialist! Web site localization and web site translation is also part of our excellent service options. Our professional language services can assist you in saving time and money for your organization and we are the best! Prestige Network possesses experienced staff and translators including Chinese translators who are able to provide you with all you need with a fast response and quick turn-around time which are key to the services we can provide you with at Prestige Network.

Prestige Network offers the best translations and the services of a Chinese translator can be yours if you get in touch with us! Not only do we offer the absolute best in a professional service, but our team of staff members are well trained and qualified to handle all of your language requirements!

A lot of people do not comprehend the difference between a translator and an interpreter. There is a normal sway towards thinking that they are the same. Actually, they are two very different functions needing very different requirements. There are obvious differences which must be clearly understood before you can work out which one you will require the services of. At a quick glance it may seem that there is only a small difference between a translator and interpreter. One translates spoken words and the other written words. But the differences in the way the jobs are performed, the stresses, the needs, skills and abilities are many. Prestige Network has a large team of linguists which naturally includes Chinese translators and interpreters.

A translator has to be able to write properly and express words as well and this applies to Chinese translators too. A translator has time on their side, resources to assist them like dictionaries, material to refer to and the option to have a break when required so their stress is actually considerably lessened due to those contributing factors - this is one of the differences.

An experienced interpreter will work carefully and ensure that their work is both accurate and culturally correct. At Prestige Network you will never have to worry about errors in your translation or interpretation work so trust us with your business! Our Chinese translators as well as our translators of all the 150 plus languages we offer will not let you down.

An experienced translator has a one dimensional view to their job. They handle written words and language that originate from paper and return again back to paper.

On the other side of the table an interpreter must be able to translate spoken words in two ways. They perform this without the assistance of resources or reference methods and only make use of their experience and education. An interpreter must be able to provide a correct interpretation quickly without any errors. The stress of this kind of job can be extremely high and it is vital that they are properly trained. At Prestige Network you can be assured that all our qualified staff are trained extensively and are completely competent in handling your language work. We understand that you put a lot of work and time into your business and it can all go wrong if your message is not conveyed correctly, and we know and understand how important correct and clear communication is.  Our Chinese translators and interpreters can handle all your needs professionally.

As well as interpreting, the interpreter has to also perform a link between people as well as carrying across emotion, intention and tone. Where an interpreter is caught in the middle it is extremely important that they maintain diplomacy and professionalism. Therefore their jobs are much more detailed as they must deal with both languages as well as people without showing any sign of not being objective; this is hard when an interpreter has strong personal feelings regarding one topic or another topic and must be dealt with properly.

A simultaneous interpreter will interpret in genuine time. Most would imagine them sitting in a cubicle complete with head phones and a micro phone at a large conference for a political campaign or the like. A simultaneous interpreter has the tedious job of working through what a person has said and instantly relaying that message to other people. One of the main skills they must have is to be able to think quickly and react accordingly and correctly. An experienced translator, Chinese translators and those of all other languages, will not battle with this aspect at all.

A consecutive interpreter normally acts in face to face meetings, speeches or even court rooms. A speaker will normally stop at intervals often, state each sentence, then the consecutive interpreter will repeat it, prior to continuing. A core skill of a consecutive interpreter is not forgetting what the speaker has said.

Professional translation services can be yours if you choose the quality-minded management services of Prestige Network. A consecutive interpreter and consecutive translator are also part of our team to assist you! A professional interpreter is a bilingual interpreter at our firm. It is very important that a bilingual translator is a native speaker, thus ensuring he possesses native competence. At Prestige Network we have a team of experienced staff, from professional translators who can provide simultaneous translation, website translation, African translations, Krio translations, Swahili translations, Yoruba translations and indeed translations for over 150 languages, to quality controlled, fluent interpretation, all at competitive prices!  Quality translations by quality-minded staff all monitored by an experienced management team thus ensuring that you get the best translation services. The services of a qualified interpreter or qualified translator for any language as well as Chinese translators can be yours if you choose Prestige Network.

Alternative languages offered at Prestige Network; South East Asian : Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Burmese, Hakka and Fujianese. Middle Eastern - Arabic, Aramaic, Farsi, Hebrew, Kurdish (Badini, Kurmanji, & Sorani) , Pashto, Dari, Armenian, Kashmiri and Moroccan. African - Somali, Twi, Yoruba, Shona, Tigrian, Afrikaans, Ibo, Kiswahili, Krio, Papiamento, Tswana, Tsonga, Temmne, Teluga, Swati, Swahili, Patois, Othjihereto, Ndebele, Mende, Luganda, Luo, Lingala, Kirundi, Kinyarwanda, Acholi, Amharic, Banyangi, ChiChewa, Eritrean, Hausa, Gullah, Ghanaian, Tshiluba, Fulla, Mandingo and Tshiluba. European - Albanian, Armenian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Estonian, Flemish, French, Gaelic, Georgian, German, Greek, Gurani, Hungarian, Italian, Kosovan, Latvian, Macedonian, Maltese, Polish, Potuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, Ukranian and Welsh. Scandinavian - Danish, Finish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish. Indian - Bengali, Gujarati, Hindu, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Sinhalese, Tamil, Urdu, Pothowari, Pahari, Mirpuri, Mauritian and Gurani.